Welcome to Downtown Pharmacy!

Established In 2005, In Paulus Hook Neighborhood Of Jersey City, Downtown Pharmacy Has Grown Into An Amazing One-Of-A-Kind Store. A Place To Fulfill All Shopping Needs. 



we Have A Large Inventory Of Prescription Medications On Hand, And We Are A Contracted Provider For Most Insurance And Managed Care Health Plans. We Are A Full Line Pharmacy And We Can Handle All Your Prescription Needs. 


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Downtown Pharmacy Offers A Unique Value-Added Pharmacy Service Designed To Provide Employees With The Convenience Of Having Their Prescriptions Delivered Directly To The Workplace.

Pharmacy Concierge Service Is Available To Any Client In Metro New York And Jersey City Harbor Side Area.   This Service Is Free And Use Of This Service Is Totally At The Discretion Of The Client. By Coordinating This Service Through The Health Centers Of Corporations In Relationship With Downtown Pharmacy, The Pharmacy Concierge Service Continues To Deliver A Number Of Benefits Including:

  • Increased Compliance With Medication Instructions

  • Improved Patient Safety

  • Ability For Employees To Stay At Work And Be More Productive

  • Time-Saving Convenience For Employees

  • Enhanced Employee Satisfaction

  • Provides Statistics On Formulary Usage That Ultimately May Offer Our Clients With A Potential For Drug Benefit Plan Savings.

  • Reports Of The Medical Spending For The Income Tax Purposes

The Pharmacy Concierge Service Is Easy To Use And Works Seamlessly In Conjunction With Your Current Pharmacy Benefit Plan. This Service Streamlines The Process Of Obtaining Prescription Medications For Employees And Family Members At No Additional Cost, Using The Corporation’s Current Pharmacy Plan.



Customized Prescription Compounding Offers The Doctor Flexibility To Select The Best Medication And Prescribe The Most Appropriate Strength And Dosage Form For Administration Via The Most Desirable Route For A Particular Patient.

Medications Are Manufactured In A Limited Number Of Strengths And Dosage Forms Due To Stability Concerns And The Cost Of Stocking And Distributing Numerous Formulations Of Each Drug. Commercially Available Drugs Will Satisfy The Needs Of Most Patients, But Are Not The Optimal Preparation To Meet The Needs Of Many Patients. Using Pharmaceutical Grade Chemicals Are Specialized Equipment Not Found In Most Pharmacies, We Can Compound Medications In Doses And Dosage Forms That Are Not Commercially Available. Pharmaceutical Companies May Discontinue Dosage Forms For Which There Is Limited Demand, Or Medications May Be Temporarily Unavailable, But These Medications May Still Be Useful For Many Patients. We Want To Help You To Provide The Best Care That Is Possible For Every Patient. 

We Can Compound The Needed Medication In A Variety Of Dosage Forms Such As:

  • Transdermal Or Topical Creams, Lotions, Gels And Solutions. 

  • Oral Capsules, And Suspensions 

  • Vaginal Creams, Capsules, And Suppositories 

  • Rectal Suppositories. 

The Dose Of Medication That Is Commercially Available May Not Be Precisely What A Specific Patient Needs. Wouldn’t It Be Great To Be Able To Prescribe The Right Amount Of Drug To Treat The Problem, Without Causing Unnecessary Side Effects Or The Patient Needing To Break Or Crush Tablets Or Take Multiple Capsules? Sugar , Preservatives, Dye, Or Lactose Free.

Elixirs, Syrups, And Suspensions May Contain Preservatives Such As Alcohol Which May Be Problematic, Or Sugar Which Makes The Medication Undesirable. We Can Compound Sugar-Free And Preservative-Free Dosage Forms. If A Patient Is Allergic To A Dye, Lactose, Or Other Excipient, We Can Compound The Medication Without The Problem Causing Additives