Reduced Prescription Costs Delivered To You

Downtown Pharmacy has partnered with Cost Plus Drugs to provide additional savings on your medications, delivered right to your door.

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Our Goal Is To Enhance The Affordability Of Prescription Medications

With your Team Cuban Card, you can now enjoy savings on over 1,000 generic medications and an expanding selection of branded options at Downtown Pharmacy. Rest assured, we'll continue to deliver your medications at your preferred time and location.

Beginning Your Journey With Downtown Pharmacy

Submit a Prescription

Either transfer your current prescription or request your doctor to send us a new one.

Establish Your Downton Pharmacy Account

After receiving your prescription, we'll send you a welcome text guiding you through the subsequent steps.

Cut Costs On Your Medications

Include your Team Cuban Card membership to view your savings and arrange for your delivery.


Why Downtown Pharmacy?

Downtown Pharmacy simplifies the pursuit of a healthier life by providing a pharmacy experience that is easier, more supportive, and more cost-effective. Our services include convenient prescription delivery, tools for managing medications, direct access to care specialists, and assistance with insurance and cost-saving measures.


Which medications can be accessed using the Team Cuban Card? ➦

The Team Cuban Card provides access to over a thousand generic medications and an expanding selection of branded options. You can find a comprehensive list of available medications and their prices here. We continuously add new medications each month, so be sure to check back regularly!

For which zip codes is the Team Cuban Card applicable at Downtown Pharmacy? ➦

The Team Cuban Card is available for use in all Downtown Pharmacy zip codes. If you're an existing Downtown Pharmacy account holder, you must register for the Team Cuban Card to avail yourself of the associated benefits.

If I already have an account with Downtown Pharmacy, can I use the Team Cuban Card? ➦

Certainly, both individuals new to Downtown Pharmacy and existing customers have the opportunity to enroll in the Team Cuban Card and access savings. To benefit from the card, all customers, whether new or existing, need to register for the Team Cuban Card and input their membership details into the benefits section of their Downtown Pharmacy account.

If i'm already a Team Cuban Card member, how do I transfer a prescription to Downtown Pharmacy? ➦

We've got you covered! Simply initiate the transfer through our app, online portal, or by giving our pharmacy a call. We'll handle the coordination and explore potential additional savings. Since the transfer involves obtaining information from your current pharmacy, please allow several business days for completion. Once we've received and processed your prescription, we'll get in touch with you to arrange a convenient delivery schedule.

How can I forward a new prescription to Downtown Pharmacy? ➦

Simply inform your doctor that Downtown Pharmacy is your chosen pharmacy, and they will send us your prescription. Once your medication is ready for delivery, we'll promptly notify you via text or call.